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정기간행물 / Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies(발간완료) The Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies VOL.2-2
  • 발행일2016-02-16
  • 발간부서연구기획과
  • 페이지240
  • 저자대한민국역사박물관
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    영문저널 vol2 no2.pdf [2.83 MB]
    영문저널(표지) vol2 no2.pdf [587.68 KB]
    • Editor's Note [276.96KB]
    • A Comparison of South Korean and Japanese Responses to Changes in the International Order after the Post-Cold War Era [751.66KB]
    • South Korea and Japan, the Last Fifty Years: Changing Lives [750.42KB]
    • “Mutual Perception” between Japan and Korea during the Last Fifty Years [1.03MB]
    • Postwar Japan-China Relationship: Contemplation from the Perspective of Reconciliation [781.22KB]
    • The Shift of the International System and Japan-Korea Relations [697.31KB]
    • Similar Conditions, Different Paths?: Japan's Normalization of Relations with Korea and Vietnam [824.64KB]
    • Social Distance toward Immigrants among Koreans [509.13KB]
    • Memoir of the 6.3 Student Movement: Normalization of Relations between Korea and Japan in 1965 [418.19KB]
    • History of Japanese-Korean Relations Series [674.34KB]
    • How Can We Understand Japanese Governmentality in Colonial Seoul? Assimilating Seoul: Japanese Rule and the Politics of Public Space in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945, by Todd A. Henry. University of California Press, 2014. 299 pp. [371.13KB]
    • 70 Voices of 70 Years Exhibition[70년의 세월, 70가지 이야기] 2015, National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Seoul [372.05KB]
    • The Joint Exhibitions of the National Folk Museum of Korea and The National Museum of Ethnology of Osaka [571.04KB]
제1유형:출처표시출처표시 | 상업적, 비상업적 이용가능 | 변형 등 2차적 저작물 작성 가능

This is the third edition of the Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies (JCKS). The journal is published twice a year by the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, and this is the second issue for the year 2015. In light of the fact that this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan, our theme for this issue is “Korea-Japan Relations from Comparative Perspective: 50 Years after Normalization.” While the two countries have made significant progress in strengthening bilateral ties, there still remain tall challenges that Korea and Japan continue to confront. This edition seeks to understand the reasons behind such lingering questions as historical controversies and hopes propose a constructive way-ahead for the better future.

We have invited six of the foremost experts in this area to contribute to this issue, whose writings offer the finest analysis of what the specific challenges are, where those problems originate from and how to best tackle them for a mutually beneficial future.

It is our hope that this edition will not only be an interesting read, but also provide a balanced view to foster better understanding. We also look forward your thoughtful encouragement and critique going forward.

Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies
Volume 2 Number 2 December 2015


Editor’s Note: JUN Sang-In

Special Issue: Korea-Japan Relations from Comparative Perspective: 50 Years after Normalization
PARK Young-june, A Comparison of South Korean and Japanese Responses to Changes in the International Order after the Post-Cold War Era
YANG Keeho, South Korea and Japan, the Last Fifty Years: Changing Lives
KOHARI Susumu, “Mutual Perception” between Japan and Korea during the Last Fifty Years
KAWASHIMA Shin, Postwar Japan-China Relationship: Contemplation from the Perspective of Reconciliation
OKONOGI Masao, The Shift of the International System and Japan-Korea Relations
NAM Kijeong, Similar Conditions, Different Paths?: Japan’s Normalization of Relations with Korea and Vietnam

KIM Seokho, Social Distance toward Immigrants among Koreans

HYUN Syng-il, Memoir of the 6.3 Student Movement: Normalization of Relations between Korea and Japan in 1965

Book Reviews
LIM Chaisung, History of Japanese-Korean Relations Series
KIM Baek-Yung, How Can We Understand Japanese Governmentality in Colonial Seoul?

Culture Critiques
LEE Seon Min, 70 Voices of 70 Years Exhibit
CHANG Inkyung, The Joint Exhibitions of the National Folk Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Ethnology of Osaka 

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