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정기간행물 / Public History & Museum 'Public History & Museum' VOL.1
  • 발행일2018-12-30
  • 발간부서연구기획과
  • 페이지118
  • 저자대한민국역사박물관
  • 원문 다운로드
    (전체) Public History & Museum 1권.pdf [17.21 MB]
    • Speclals │ How to Represent Contemporary History?
    • - German Contemporary History and Its Periodization │ YUN YONGSEON [500.86KB]
    • - The Establishment of the House of European History as a Political Project and Its Critics │ SHIN JONG-HOON [1.26MB]
    • - Contemporary History Exhibits in National Museum of China and National 228 Memorial Museum: Different  [3.03MB]
    •    Perspectives on Contemporary History between China and Taiwan │ HAN SANG-MI
    • - Exhibitions of Contemporary History of National Museum of Japanese History: From a Perspective of a Korean │ KIM IN-DUCK [1.92MB]
    • Exhibition Reviews │ A Variety of Views on the “Special Exhibition for the 70th Anniversary of Korean Government: ‘The Country They Have All Dreamed of’”
    • - Historian’s Review: Where is The Country They Have All Dreamed of? │ CHUNG JIN-A [716.59KB]
    • - Teacher’s Review: A Look into The Country They Have All Dreamed of │ KIM TAE-HOON [1.58MB]
    • - Designer’s Review: Special Exhibition The Country They Have All Dreamed of │ PARK CHAN-IL [1.89MB]
    • Trends of the Museums │ Trends of Major Museums at Home and Abroad
    • - Status and Challenges of Memorial Museums for March 1 Movement │ KIM DAE-YONG  [5.27MB]
    • - War and Women’s Human Rights Museum: Narrative Museum, Emotional Space │ LEE NA-YOUNG [4.62MB]
    • - “Do You Remember the Pain? How Do We Show a Future Image of Pain Overcome?”: Independence Memorial  [2.87MB]
    • Hall in Estonia - Vabamu, Museum of Occupations and Freedom │ PARK SHIN-EUI
    • - Museum Boom in China : Guangdong Science Center and Times Museum in Guangzhou │ PARK GEUN-TAE [1.56MB]
제1유형:출처표시출처표시 | 상업적, 비상업적 이용가능 | 변형 등 2차적 저작물 작성 가능
'Public History & Museum' 제1권 목차

Speclals │ How to Represent Contemporary History?

- German Contemporary History and Its Periodization │ YUN YONGSEON
- The Establishment of the House of European History as a Political Project and Its Critics │ SHIN JONG-HOON
- Contemporary History Exhibits in National Museum of China and National 228 Memorial Museum: Different
   Perspectives on Contemporary History between China and Taiwan │ HAN SANG-MI
- Exhibitions of Contemporary History of National Museum of Japanese History: From a Perspective of a Korean │ KIM IN-DUCK

Exhibition Reviews │ A Variety of Views on the “Special Exhibition for the 70th Anniversary of Korean Government: ‘The Country They Have All Dreamed of’”

- Historian’s Review: Where is The Country They Have All Dreamed of? │ CHUNG JIN-A
- Teacher’s Review: A Look into The Country They Have All Dreamed of │ KIM TAE-HOON
- Designer’s Review: Special Exhibition The Country They Have All Dreamed of │ PARK CHAN-IL

Trends of the Museums │ Trends of Major Museums at Home and Abroad

- Status and Challenges of Memorial Museums for March 1 Movement │ KIM DAE-YONG
- War and Women’s Human Rights Museum: Narrative Museum, Emotional Space │ LEE NA-YOUNG
- “Do You Remember the Pain? How Do We Show a Future Image of Pain Overcome?”: Independence Memorial
   Hall in Estonia - Vabamu, Museum of Occupations and Freedom │ PARK SHIN-EUI
- Museum Boom in China : Guangdong Science Center and Times Museum in Guangzhou │ PARK GEUN-TAE
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