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정기간행물 / Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies(발간완료) The Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies VOL.3-1,2
  • 발행일2016-08-31
  • 발간부서연구기획과
  • 페이지345
  • 저자대한민국역사박물관
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    영문저널 vol3 no1-2_내지_FINAL.pdf [7.17 MB]
    영문저널 vol3 no1-2_표지_FINAL.JPG [142.23 KB]
    • Editor's Note [322.51KB]
    • The Contemporary Origins of Korean Dynamism [468.08KB]
    • Land, from Driver of Growth to Source of Inequality [855.24KB]
    • Evolution of Public Housing Policy in Korea: From Distribution to Rental Housing [734.25KB]
    • Modern Consumption Culture through the Lens of Dokkaebi Market: Disciplined Modernism [526.21KB]
    • Rice in Modern Korea: Matter of Survival or of Taste? [1.92MB]
    • Freedom and Discipline: Seventy Years since Liberation, the Creation of Citizens through Education [979.67KB]
    • Registering Personal Information and Place of Residence:   Identification for Private Individuals and State Mechanism for Population [552.78KB]
    • Korean Family’s Narratives: “Education Fever” and “The Dream of the Flying Dragon” [501.67KB]
    • Korean Studies in Slovenia: Focusing on the University of Ljubljana [509.04KB]
    • The Transformation of the Korean Chinese Community: The Case of the Age of Migration in China [696.34KB]
    • Star and Stripes: History of the North Korean Flag and its Place in State Ideology [876.63KB]
    • The Pursuit of Korean Revolution of Modernity [368.41KB]
    • The Newspaper of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea: The Independence Newspaper [766.27KB]
    • A Fresh Look into the Not-so-Hermit Kingdom of North Korea [622.98KB]
    • K-Pop: The Soundtrack of Korea’s Globalization [699.51KB]
    • (Re-)Defining Resistance: Assassination and Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet [979.00KB]
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The Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies (JCKS) - VOL.3-1,2

This is the fourth edition of the Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies (JCKS). This edition is a bound publication of Volumes 4 and 5. Inside readers will find the latest empirical research on the driving forces that have made Korean development possible. Korea is a unique case as it is the only country in the world that was able to achieve independence together with industrialization and democratization after the Second World War, achievements doubly remarkable as they were won out of the ashes of the Korean War. The contributors of this special bound volume delve into many key issues in relation to Korea’s development. A dominant theme in the articles is the ways contemporary Korean society has created its own dynamism out of the tension of coexisting, yet conflicting, values, such as open door policies and independence, national mobilization and voluntary participation, equality and inequality, and adaptation and deviation. This special combined volume also explores the process of Korea’s development through in-depth case studies on specific topics like land, public housing policies, the culture of consumption, food, freedom and discipline, registration of personal information, and “education fever.”
Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies
Volume 3 Number 1-2 August 2016


Editor’s Note: KIM Youngho

Special Issue: Seven Keywords to Understand Seventy Years of Korean History since Liberation

PARK Myoung-kyu, The Contemporary Origins of Korean Dynamism
CHO Seok-gon, Land, from Driver of Growth to Source of Inequality
YIM Dongkun, Evolution of Public Housing Policy in Korea: From Distribution to Rental Housing
KANG Myungkoo, Modern Consumption Culture through the Lens of Dokkaebi Market: Disciplined Modernism
KIM Tae-Ho, Rice in Modern Korea: Matter of Survival or of Taste?
JUNG Keun-sik, Freedom and Discipline: Seventy Years since Liberation, the Creation of Citizens through Education
SEO Ho-Chul, Registering Personal Information and Place of Residence: Identification for Private Individuals and State Mechanism for Population
JOO Yunjeong, Korean Family Narratives: “Education Fever” and “The Dream of the Flying dragon”

Korean Studies Abroad
KIM Sang Hun, Korean Studies in Slovenia: Focusing on the University of Ljubljana

CHOI Woogill, The Transformation of the Korean Chinese Community: The Case of the Age of Migration in China
Fyodor TERTITSKIY, Star and Stripes: History of the North Korean Flag and its Place in State Ideology

RO Jai-Bong, The Pursuit of Korean Revolution of Modernity

Book Reviews
KIM Hyung-mog, The Newspaper of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea: The Independence Newspaper
Andrei LANKOV, A Fresh Look into the Not-so-Hermit Kingdom of North Korea
LEE Keewoong, K-Pop: The Soundtrack of Korea’s Globalization

Culture Critiques
KWON Eun-Sun, (Re-)Defining Resistance: Assassination and Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet
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